Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Opening Eucharist and
The Primus' Charge

The Opening Eucharist took place in Palmerston Place and was presided over by the Primus, David Chillingworth. The offering was taken (earmarked for the Sisters of St Margaret in Haiti) and the gifts presented at the altar by a group of Synod freshers.

The Primus’ Charge, positioned as a sermon within the Eucharist, underlined the place of the Church between its understandable craving for security and certainty and the challenges of stepping beyond what we know best into the place where God calls his people. The body of the charge outlined the shape of the discussions which will take place during our meetings and ended with a note of hope about the prospects (backed up by evidence of energy and commitment within the Province) for Mission in a Church which is small but which is “rich towards God”.

The Primus' Charge to the General Synod can be found HERE.

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